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Big Day. Petite Party. Still a Big Deal.

Big Day. Petite Party. Still a Big Deal.

This year’s wedding trends have welcomed an unexpected, late addition to the line-up— micro

weddings. The idea of a “petite” party (as we prefer to call it) with a focus on its meaning isn’t a novel notion. Beach elopements, City Hall weddings, and justice of the peace vow exchanges have been a part of the wedding scene all along.

What is new though, is that many couples are now in the position to have to quickly reimagine their weddings. Having partnered with couples on wedding floral designs for more than 50 years, we know that planning their event begins months and, in some cases, years prior to the special day. And it’s not just planning that they’ve invested… there’s the dreaming, which we all know likely began long before the proposal!

A wedding is an emotional investment, just as much as a financial one— for the couple, their families, and us— their professional partners. It’s true, we industry professionals fall in love with our clients. You choose us, and invite us, to play a part in one of the most important days of your life. So, of course, we lovingly labor over every decision with you and eagerly work to exceed your expectations as we make your dream day a reality.

This is why our studio’s signature style is yours. Your day is yours, as is its style. Our professional team of floral designers invests creatively and emotionally to realize your wedding day vision, your way. Your sophisticated, black-tie affair, or your boho chic nuptials are beautifully brought to life— regardless of the size of your bridal party, guest list and venue.

Call them petite or micro, small-scale weddings are styled every bit as grand as large-scale events. So we promise, you won’t need too reimagine much. It’s called a “big day” because it’s a big deal, not because a venue is filled to capacity. In love and marriage, size doesn’t matter, but commitment and longevity do. Carl Alan Floral Artistry is committed to continuing to collaborate with couples to design their weddings— just as they’ve imagined all along— in big day fashion.