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How to Choose Flowers for your Wedding

Conveying Your Wedding Sentiments with Flowers

Nothing sets the tone for a wedding like the perfect flowers. Mixed Dutch tulips burst with a colorful hue to add vibrancy to a table arrangement. A baby pink hydrangea fills a girly pink-lover’s bouquet for a graceful walk down the aisle. Ranunculus makes the bridal party look so charming, so elegant in their bouquets and boutonnieres. Beautiful blends of flowers, greenery, ribbon, and baby’s breath grace you and your bridal party, along with ceremony, reception, and table arrangements, conveying your message of love and celebration. With so many spectacular possibilities, you may find it challenging to decide on the perfect way to express yourself. At premier wedding florist Carl Alan’s Floral Design, we have some advice to help you create the most magical moments.

Begin with a Favorite Love

Many people have a favorite flower or two that they’ve dreamed of having in their wedding bouquet. Is it the symbol of romance, the gorgeous, classic red rose? Maybe you prefer a little whimsy or rustic flair with the ever-lovable daisy. Your favorite flower makes good starting point for exploration because it gives a notion of your style. Look up your flower and other common types of wedding flowers online, including peonies, roses, hydrangeas, and lilies. Notice the enchanting arrangements at other people’s weddings and events. Expand your horizons in a floral shop or in the floral section of your grocery store. Have a little fun smelling the freesia and tuberose and dream of the bouquet floating down the aisle in your arms.

Make a Perfect Match

You’ll need to make a perfect match in several areas of choosing your flowers, each critical to the success of choosing the right wedding ones.

The Budget Match:

Floral budgets vary widely. A bride and groom planning a simple, outdoor, country style wedding may have a budget in the hundreds while a very formal, elegant affair budget will likely be well into the thousands. No budget number is right or wrong, and flowers with greenery can be found in every budget. Set a budget going in to your meeting with a florist. Tell them your likes, wants, and wedding style as well as your budget. If your budget is very limited, be open to hearing attractive options to get the look and feel you desire. Let gorgeous, robust chrysanthemums fill a clear glass vase without hurting your budget. Lovely lilies make any bouquet into an instant masterpiece. Leaves, berries, and foliage can add flair and sophistication at a cost savings that only you will know about, and you’re not telling.

The Florist Match:

When you see a floral designer’s work or walk into a shop, you immediately catch a sense of their natural style by what’s on display. Does the shop feel like a wildflower field or a formal garden? Do you stop to oooh and aaaah at the arrangements? Although florists can make bouquets and arrangements to your tastes, choosing one that already shares your style creates a warm, fuzzy relationship just right for the wedding day ‘feels’. Choose a florist that will listen carefully to you and that provides options within your budget. Your dream florist will find a lovely solution for the nuptials of your dreams.

The Style Match:

Will your wedding be blue and silver? Does the décor reflect your cultural heritage? Will your venue be ultra-modern and simplistic? Your flowers should match your style, whatever it may be. Wildflowers may complement rustic style, while roses and lilies can lend an air of formality. Winter wonderland décor recalls icy silvers and purples, which can be shown with berries and pinecones to compliment delicate white roses. If you’re sticking with a strict color scheme, consider that certain flowers, such as carnations and mums, come in a variety of colors while others, like the popular hydrangea, do not. Splash your color and style throughout all the places your flowers will appear.

Get Married in Style

By following our suggestions from premier wedding florist Carl Alan’s Floral Design, you can feel good about your choices of flowers. You may still have moments of doubt and indecision. That’s because you want everything about your wedding to be perfect. Rely on your quality florist, stay within your budget, and trust your instincts about style. When the tables are set and the bouquets and boutonnieres are ready, you’ll feel wonderful about your floral décor sending the right message of your new wonderful life together.