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Flowers For Your Wedding Day

What Works, and What Doesn't.

It’s your big day. One of the biggest of your life. It’s the day you repeat life-long vows to the love of your life. Undoubtedly, you want to create an ambiance that’s breath-taking. 

Countless things need to be prepared in advance for a day as monumentally special as this. Selecting the scrumptious cake, the dazzling dress, and the daunting guest list. But, let’s not forget one key detail. Flowers! Precious, delicate flowers. What ever will you choose? They have to elegantly complement your dress, your bridal party’s dresses, the decor, and you simply need to admire them. The day must be one of perfection.

If it has been nothing short of a challenge deciding which flowers will adorn your special day, guess what? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken some of the stress off by compiling a list of wedding flowers for you to select from. 

Still a bit anxious? We’ve made it even easier, sorting them by shade so you can quickly scan to the ones that would enhance your color palette.



Rose. We are all pleasantly familiar with the flower of love. The rose is famous for its romantic gestures in fairy tales, during charming proposals, on special anniversaries; you name it. Most likely displayed at more than half the weddings you’ve attended, its presence personifies the essence of love. 

Fun fact: There are an array of roses that you may not be familiar with. The different types allow you to be more creative with this symbol of love.


Dahlia. Are you scouting for something unique, but beautifully complements everything? Dahlias do just that. This is an amazing choice if you want to make your wedding more cheerful. Once again, these charming flowers are available in a variety of stunning shades, including a rich red. With the broad assortment of colors and styles available, you are bound to create a look that’s bursting with life. 



Peony. Who hasn’t considered peonies for their wedding? This delicate bloom is desired by most. They’re absolutely beautiful and will create an impressive eye piece. Unfortunately, peonies are also one of the most expensive wedding flowers. In fact, if you have a large wedding, we don’t suggest investing in them. However, if your budget allows it, and/or if your wedding is smaller, the peony with its soft, fluffy petals, is a gorgeous choice.


Hydrangea. I’m sure quite a few of my readers will recognize the hydrangea. These flowers, when bunched together, create a stunning picture. With the intense shades of pink, blue, burgundy, and purple, these flowers make outstanding centerpieces.



Gardenia. With a strong, sultry smell, Gardenias add a bit of natural fragrance to your wedding venue. They’re white and surrounded by waxy, dark green leaves, creating a stunning look. Whether used in a floating bowl at your tables or as a bouquet, this flower adds elegance. The green gives a pop of color, while the white keeps it graceful.


Lilac. Lilacs are beautiful violet or white-colored flowers that hold their own. These flowers are romantic with pure, enchanting beauty. Their fragrance is sweet-smelling, complementing its looks. The only downside to these beauties is that they are incredibly delicate. They require extra care to ensure they won’t wilt. Once lilacs start to fade, it’s hard to revive them.



Tulip. This fresh, spring-blooming flower offers an incredible variety of colors. One of these being a vibrant yellow. Tulips, showy and brightly colored, also come in multiple types. Double tulips are much fuller than ordinary tulips, having twice as many petals. Rembrandt tulips have gorgeous red streaks that run down their petals. What radiance! These are only two of the many types, so do your homework on the other choices.


Daffodil. The yellow Daffodil. Simply elegant. Although these are more low key than the previously mentioned flowers and could probably be used at a more casual wedding, they’re still as pretty as you please. Daffodils are budget friendly and as a plus, they are available any time of the year. So no matter what time of year you set your wedding date, the dainty daffodil is an exciting option.


Light blue. 

Tweedia. This flower comes in a serene sky blue that you don’t see too often in flowers. You can also find these in white, but the soft blues would look especially poetic in bouquets and clustered together.


Delphinium. Available in different shades of blue, these are often used in large ceremony arrangements. You can also find these in several other colors, including a passionate peach, memorable mauve, and whimsical white.




Blue thistle. Although the name creates a certain image, this flower isn’t prickly. It’s a stylistic, calming shade of dark blue. More petite than the other flowers mentioned, blue thistle makes for a sophisticated centerpiece and is stunning when used as a boutonniere flower.


Muscari. This is a relatively common flower. They may appear powerless at first glance, but they are anything but! Put this cute cobalt blue flower in your bridesmaid’s bouquets, and you’ll immediately be met with a chic and stylish look. Trust me; this lady-like blossom should not be underestimated.