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Flowers Ideas For Every Winter Wedding

A winter wedding conjures up images of snowy landscapes and sparkling, snow capped trees. Bright, sunny skies over crystal landscapes. Warm, soft wraps and long, tailored coats stylishly accompany gowns and suits. Enchanting images, but not the flowery abundance spring and summer weddings inspire? This is not the case. The wedding floral designs available for winter weddings rival even the most vibrant mid-summer bloom, along with some stunningly elegant options not suited to the warmer months.


If a rustic feel is what you are going for, you can’t go wrong with ranunculus or hellebores, available in many Philadelphia flower shops. Ranunculus come in an array of colors that will complement any color scheme and have delicate petals that pleasantly add a soft touch to any arrangement. Hellebores are noted for their white or greenish blooms that resemble wild roses. These can stand alone in an arrangement or give a touch of rusticity to an otherwise traditional arrangement. Dried artichokes, or the more common pinecone, and lotus pods add winter charm to any rustic wedding florist display. They have the added benefit of being able to be painted any color you like with silver and gold being popular wintertime choices to add elegance.


Whimsical weddings are not at a loss for floral choices during the colder months. Your wedding florist can call on the numerous, dainty blooms of the narcissus paperwhite adding a hint of whimsy to the ambiance of your ceremony. For a delicate touch of tradition, winter weddings can benefit from the addition of alliums and Japanese lisianthus. The latter is also known as the “Japanese rose” because of its high petal count and popularity. Both add a pop of vibrance. The bold blooms of the cockscomb, so called because the flower resembles the head of a rooster, can add an exhilarating burst of color to any arrangement.


Creating a bold look during your winter wedding is easy with the variety of shades and distinctive blossoms at your disposal in winter. Stock flowers and scabiosas come in an abundance of bold colors that pop and become the center of interest in any arrangement. Peonies and chrysanthemums, and their instantly recognizable profiles, give boldness to contemporary bridal bouquets with their large, unique, yet soft blooms. If you’re looking for a filler flower with a bold personality, look no further than the silver dollar eucalyptus. This floral is perfect for city hall weddings. The natural silvery and blue tones of this plant’s round leaves will add a lovely touch of wintery iciness.


Elegance is not out of your reach with winter’s blossoms. Roses, a romantic staple at weddings everywhere, bloom all year round, with winter being no exception. From gorgeous garden roses to tea roses, if your wedding is in the heart of winter, you will not have a lack of in season roses to choose from. Another elegant favorite is the calla lily. This beauty can be used in everything from a bold, elegant center-piece in a bouquet to a simplistic, understated single bloom boutonniere. Tulips are another popular choice for an elegant winter wedding. These classic blooms are indeed available in winter and can garnish your arrangement with a pop of springtime color.. Myrtle and seeded eucalyptus are attractive filler greenery that can round out everything from bouquets to centerpieces.


Winter wedding floral designs can also easily accomodate a modern wedding aesthetic. Anemones, with their pure white petals and stark black centers, are a must for contemporary bridal bouquets. Florist displays will also feature Queen Anne's lace and kangaroo paw as centerpieces of modern, bridal flower design. The rich dark red hues of the kangaroo paw pleasantly complement the white of the Queen Anne’s lace in a way that highlights the coziness of winter flowers.


No article about winter wedding flowers would be complete if it neglected the flowers that make the season feel exceptionally special and remind your guests why winter is a magical season. Poinsettias and amaryllises can surround your guests with wintertime enchantment. Hydrangeas and gardenias can add drama and beauty to bouquets and boutonnieres. Use everyday carnations in a fresh, new way by hanging them from the ceiling to create a floral chandelier. Embracing the glamorous flowers wintertime is known for is a great way to welcome the season on your special day.


Winter provides the unique opportunity to expand your floral palette by incorporating blooms with aesthetics that fit only in the colder months. Blooms like rosemary, with its long woody stems, and lambs ear, with its furry soft leaves, bring elements of cold beauty when added to any arrangement. And, if you find yourself at a loss, you can always use the ever more inviting selection of faux flowers in Philly.


Do you have a winter event that’s not a wedding? All of these selections would make appealing corporate events flowers, adding a touch of class to any reception. Flower costs for your wedding, or event, can quickly grow. These ideas can help you save money by relying on blooms that are in season for your winter wonderland event.