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Finding the Right Fit.

It’s always about chemistry and "fit"-- whether you're talking about your perfect mate or the perfect professional partners for your big date. So how do you know when it’s right? Naturally, conversations play a significant role in creating chemistry and ensuring the fit is ‘right'. Be it a personal or professional relationship, communication is paramount. So when it comes to planning your wedding or milestone event— collaborating with professionals who understand and appreciate YOUR desired look and feel is essential. We’re regularly told that when we communicate with clients, we ‘get inside their heads’ and extract exactly the floral and design visions about which they’ve been dreaming.

Just like marriage— there’s a commitment between clients and partners throughout the wedding planning process that’s based upon trust and confidence. You can be impressed with a company's reputation; happy with how it's responding to you; and feel good about how it's proposing to realize your vision. However, you ultimately need to TRUST that partners will fulfill their contracts with you— in regards to pricing and value and also when it comes to producing the finished look of your most special celebration. (Of course, our floral design studio's commitment also includes exceeding expectations!)


And now more than ever, you need to feel CONFIDENT that your wedding partners are not only committed to you, but that they will be there for you. You need to feel that your connection is enduring—no matter how soon or how far out your event is scheduled. You’ve invested emotionally and financially in your big-day team. Rest assured though, that they've invested in you. They held your date. They may have even not taken on many (or any) additional clients on your date so as to ensure you’re receiving the full benefit of their resources. Committing to spending the rest of your life with another person whom you love is huge. Committing to and trusting in professionals to make your special day happen is a pretty big deal, too. We get it. We take our communication with you, as well as our commitment to you and your big day to heart. And this is why we’re often the perfect “fit.”