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This Season's Wedding Trend:

Two-Day Love Affairs

This Season’s Wedding Trend: Two-Day Love Affairs

Let’s talk wedding trends. 2020’s forecasted style concepts were trumped before we even had the chance to spring forward. Forget going green and move over organic— staying home is trending and the two-part wedding is now on-the-scene. Spurred by necessity, many of this (and next) season’s weddings have, in fact, become two-day affairs.

Naturally, there are couples who simply can’t wait to “make it official.” So, rather than postponing their wedding entirely due to gathering guidelines they’re opting for a “mini-mony” (often on their actual date) and a “sequel soiree.” Although we wish no couple’s plans had to be reimagined, there’s nothing we adore more than twice the décor! 

A mini-mony enables couples to exchange vows and celebrate with a handful of guests. So of course, attire, flowers, décor and more are still a part of this day. You see love can’t wait, so couples have gotten creative and are holding mini-monies and microweddings at home, in parks, and in spaces like The Penn Museum and The Logan’s courtyard, which are ideal for such affairs. As such, we’ve been busily designing chuppahs, arches, bouquets, boutonnieres, as well as setting-specific-décor, such as mantle and staircase garlands, wreaths, welcome vignettes and more.  

Then there’s the sequel soiree (a.k.a. reception) at later date, which will allow them to celebrate their love with family and friends in a manner close to what they originally envisioned. And although venue availability has impacted scheduling, as it always does, many couples are excitedly looking forward to celebrating their “half anniversary” (a.k.a. the 6-month mark) in such a memorable way. Of course, this sequel soiree is where the installations, tablescapes, vignettes and more come to fruition, so our studio is bustling with consultations and decor planning, too. 

For decades, clients have been telling us how much they loved their wedding and that they wish they could experience the day all over again. Herein lies the platinum lining! For with a two-day “love affair,” that includes a mini-mony and sequel soiree, they practically can. 

As we’ve said before, regardless of circumstances, this is still the time of your life, so don’t let go of your big day dream, just reimagine it a little. And for many wedding fans, planning two is a dream come true! So, thanks to this year’s most unexpected trend— staying at home— the two-part wedding has arrived and is here to stay (for a while, at least)!