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2020 Wedding Flower Trends

2020 is here with excitement and joy. This fresh beginning brings with it new and incredible trends. Those who are starting out on a new path in life this year by getting married are sure to benefit from all of the delightful things that 2020 brings.


Planning a wedding is invigorating and exciting. One component not to be forgotten during wedding planning is floral arrangements. This creative and aesthetic aspect of a wedding has the ability to bring life to the wedding space.


Floral design is one area with evolving trends. As each year dawns anew, the trends flow seamlessly, providing new creative streams for wedding florists.


2020 is no exception. This year’s wedding flower trends exceed the romantic individualism of 2019. Trends are flowing into a spectrum of cohesive colors, providing the ability to craft a simple sea of powerful, similar floral decor.


Those who are looking to be at the front of the trends in their wedding endeavors will want to consider focusing on this year’s popular floral designs.


Trends of Wedding Florists in 2020


This year’s trends tend to stray from the vivid, individual displays of the last. Instead of boldly varying colors, 2020 will see an array of the same color in different shades, spread seamlessly throughout the wedding space.


Without further adieu, here are the wedding flower trends of 2020:


Forest of green


Use varying shades of greens, from deep, woodland green to light, grassy green. This array of greens will create a magical and romantic forest that is the perfect wedding backdrop for any venue.


A path of light


Weave tea-lights and twinkle lights through the floral arrangements. Light up the beauty of the flowers and craft a romantic ambiance by dimming the larger lights and using a path of shimmering lights through the location.


Deepening of location


The trend of keeping it local is only growing stronger, and wedding florists see the trend spreading to their industry. Instead of creating a different world with their wedding decor, many people are emphasizing the uniqueness of the place they are in.


With floral designs in mind, this means utilizing the flowers and plants that naturally grow in the area.


Cohesive, small bouquets


Bigger isn’t always better, and in 2020 that is talking about bouquets. Use simple and cohesive colors of small flowers to build a bouquet like no other. There is beauty in the simplicity of small flowers of the same colors making up the bride’s bouquet.


Flowers everywhere


While it used to be commonplace to just make bouquets and adorn the table with flowers, times have changed. Decorate with flowers everywhere; trailing off a table, spread across the floor, on shelves, bookcases, fireplaces, and pianos. The more creative, the better.


One color palette


2019 was filled with an individualistic spirit that brought out a boldness in wedding design and flower colors. This year is seeing a more simple trend, with varying shades of the same colors making up flower arrangements.


Hang flowers from floor to ceiling


Wedding florists can bring life to a wedding by arranging flowers from the floor to the ceiling. This bold statement essentially builds a column of flowers that sends the message of strength and security.


Adorn the bride’s hair


In 2020, people are showing off life and beauty in every way. Weaving flowers into the bride’s hair shows she is passionate and ready to step out into her new life.


Deconstruct the floral arrangements


Simplicity is the name of the game and there is nothing more simple than deconstruction. The word literally means taking apart and simplifying. Wedding florists can create a simple aesthetic masterpiece by deconstructing typical designs and setting flowers up in the most basic of ways.


With flowers grouped by type or color, vases filled with one lone flower each, the more simple and seemingly accidental, the better.


There are many ways to display wedding floral arrangements that are unique, creative, and beautiful. Stick with the 2020 trends of simple and cohesive when crafting floral designs in order to create a memorable aesthetic for each wedding