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Welcome to the wonderful world of Carl Alan! We truly are your one of a kind floral experience. Our consultations are hands on. We make you up samples of everything from your bridal bouquet, to bridesmaids, to centerpieces. Also, we do this at no cost or obligation to you! Our dedicated staff works hard to provide you the experience you deserve!

No other florist in the region works like Carl Alan.




Carl Schwartz

For 42 years Carl has provided floral arrangements for any event imaginable. He’s known for working within a client’s budget. Carl feels, for example, that every bride deserves the same care no matter what the cost of the wedding, and he stresses, “I’ve always felt that I want my customers to have no less than what I want for my daughter.” With the help of his staff, Carl provides brides with sample flowers to make it easy for each bride to specify her ideal centerpieces, bridesmaid bouquets, and bridal bouquets. Carl’s professional eye and keen touch has led to international recognition of his creativity. Carl has received numerous awards, including one presented by The Knot Magazine for best wedding florist in Philadelphia, The prestigious Mather and Company Award for floral excellence in designing and another from the NFA (National Florist Association) for best floral design company in Philadelphia. Carl and his design team have provided arrangements for events and galas honoring Sandra Day O’Connor, Joan Rivers, Steve Forbes, Bruce Willis, Angie Dickinson, Carl Bernstein, Salman Rushdie, Gregory Peck, President Bush, President Obama and Army Lt. Gen. David Petraeus. Floral arrangements include design for Samuel L. Jackson, Fergie and Kathleen Turner.

Vito Russo
Vice President/Floral Artist

Vito Russo feels that you do not find design, design finds you…

He feels that design is not something you learn but a gift you are born with.

Vito Russo is especially renowned for his ability to completely transform raw, ordinary spaces into sumptuous, theatrical environments, translating his clients’ visions into awe-inspiring reality. Vito finds himself drawn to the client’s passion for all things romantic.

Weddings & Events are bonding moments for clients and design. Bringing their visions to light opens new doors of “outside the box” enchantment.

When creating a unique environment you must go above and beyond embracing the big picture.

Elegant atmospheres are built on one vision, & Yes….every vision CAN & will come to life when placed in Vito’s hands! Textures, Colors, Shaping, Blending, Contrasting, & using unique elements are all part of the inspiration for great designs. Come behind the scenes & discover the Art of Floral Design.

  Flowers will always be Vito’s first Love and Passion.  His talent for Floral Decorating & room transformations lie in the visions of others. Bringing Vito’s visions to life through a client’s mind is success in itself.  Vito longs for the expression of a bride’s reaction as she enters the room, watching her in awe & love, Jumping in excitement & tier from pure happiness. Knowing that Vito has been a part of this very moment is the most rewarding.

  Vito Russo’s passion for design is a huge part of his everyday life. Using floral to express art is my most artistic quality.

  Since a child Vito has been envisioning ideas and always adjusting décor to make it perfect. He always says: “It has to look a certain way & must be perfect the very first time”. Passion is the core of perfection!!. Vito Russo has done hundreds of events & each was completely unique in its own way. The art of Design is setting your own trend, evolving and refreshing each look and having great knowledge of your product from past to present.  Carving your own vision into history is purity at its best.

  Vito was born in New York & now resides in the beautiful City of Philadelphia. His inspiration for success stems from His incredible family upbringing & his incredible partner who is most cherished. There is nothing like an amazing support team & having the trust of your Clients. Vito also believes work is the true elixir of life. “The busiest person is the happiest person”  

  Vito Russo has always looked at the big picture and saw success and opportunity in the simplest things. After 10 years of exquisite Floral design in New York City he was scouted by the wonderful Carl Schwartz AKA “Uncle Cal”.  Carl was seeking a general manager to run the business & become his successor. Vito was honored to join the incredible team of Carl Alan Floral Designs Ltd in 2011. Since then Carl & Vito formed not only a special relationship but a New Floral Couture brand within Carl Alan Floral Designs. With Carl’s excellent business sense, passion & knowledge of the industry, they were able to blend Vito’s visions, drive & unique ideas together as one. This opportunity has taken flight and has now transformed Center City Philadelphia’s Floral Design industry. As Carl’s successor they together have evolved and reinvented a family owned business that is approaching its 100 year anniversary! 

Some of Vito Russo’s proud accomplishments include:

Featured on TV shows such as: “Platinum Wedding”, Hosting for “Whose wedding is it anyway”, Featured on Several “Four Weddings”  

Vito Russo has been featured on several NBC & ABC News wedding editorials for both NYC & Philadelphia, Scripted & Hosted weddings commercials for “Wedding Ideas” & “Royal Wedding Trends”, Today Show NYC, Featured & Quoted in Editorial for “NYC & Westchester Bridal Magazines, Philadelphia Magazine, Main Line Today, Modern Day Wedding Blogs & Several others .

Vito Russo also had the Honor to work with several celebrity events including Alicia Keys, Christian Aguilera, Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker, Real Housewives of NYC, “Made in America”, Stellar Artois, Heineken & Guinness Branding Events & an endless amount of Staged Photo Shoots.

Proud Sponsor of “Alex’s Lemonade Stand: Lemon Ball, “Make a Wish foundation” American foundation of Equal Rights/LGBT, & several other Charity organizations.  

Won Many “Best of” Awards & Accolades from The Knot, Wedding Wire, MOD, “W” Wedding Industry Experts Award, “Perfect Wedding Award”, & Grace Ormonde Wedding Style





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